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Back to Working from Home in Lockdown 2.0

As England heads into a second lockdown, it’s absolutely essential that your business has a strong presence online and you’re using social media. Social Media has proven its credibility as a leading marketing resource throughout 2020. Let’s explore your options. TikTok is accessible for brands with the use of not just one avenue but three: […]

Why Does Moderation Matter?

Below, we’ll look at the importance of Social Media Moderation for brands. How would you come across if any time someone asked you a question or complemented you simply ignored them? You’d come across at best rude, at worst, offensive. That person isn’t coming back to ask your help again.  It’s the same on Social […]

How does Social Media Content Marketing Build Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is more important than ever now that customers are able to find a substitute product or service at the click of a button. With this in mind, brands are really investing in strategic social media content marketing to build engaged communities of loyal customers who are prepared to buy, recommend and stay loyal […]

Social media and stress in a Pandemic

In aid of Stress Awareness Month in this blog post we’re exploring the question, can social media use really reduce stress in a pandemic? A study last year published that someone who uses a social networking site is 1.63 times more likely to avoid serious psychological distress. Social media can be a way to connect […]

Top Content Marketing Trends To Deal With The Coronavirus Chaos

In uncertain times, partnering with a social media content agency in London can ensure your digital strategy is pitched to drive business security. We are living through uncertain times and businesses are making alterations to their short-term media strategies. If you feel as though you are standing at a crossroads, here are a few ways […]

5 Reasons to Hire Blue Social for Your Social Media Campaign

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The use of social media in marketing has rocketed from being a fairly niche activity at the birth of the social platforms to now being something that almost every business does. As with all areas of marketing, there are elements that will work for you and your audience, as well as those that will not. […]

Successful social media content managers keep these key habits

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More than 40% [1] of the global population now have a social media presence, many of whom are spending an average of two hours per day [2] liking, sharing and posting. With such a large potential audience pool seemingly just a few clicks away, you might assume that implementing an effective social media content strategy […]

Build Brand Awareness with the Correct Social Media Content Marketing

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Businesses are now able to deliver their key message to their target market in a way and time that will have the biggest impact. The market is saturated and growing all the time; therefore, when using social media to promote a new brand, this needs to be done correctly and with careful thought and planning. […]