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Five principles of brand management

In today’s competitive world, effective brand management can be the key to success or failure. So how can you put in place a strong process to get it right? 1. Have clear brand guidelines in place Clear brand guidelines are essential to creating a consistent, strong brand and an agency that specialises in brand management […]

Brand positioning on social media: Do’s and don’ts

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The essential principle of brand positioning is to determine your brand’s place in the market and then firmly carve your niche there so that when customers think of the desirable traits your brand exemplifies, your brand comes to mind before all others. Various strategic threads interweave to achieve this including competition, pricing, distribution, packaging and, […]

Build your brand online with Blue Social

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If you’re a business in any kind of consumer market – B2C, B2B, non-profit or profit-making – it’s vital to have a digital presence. A digital marketing agency can help you to maximise your online activity and get the best possible return for your time and resource investment. As one of the leading brand management companies […]

How Social Media Marketing Agencies Have Helped Small Business Grow During the Pandemic?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused significant disruption and uncertainty across the globe. Many businesses have been forced to adapt aspects of their operations to survive government-imposed lockdowns and supply chain issues. There is one thing that has remained fairly constant throughout, however, and that is the potential for social media marketing to drive meaningful […]

The Importance of a Brand Identity

How does your audience recognise your brand? Are you consistent in name, logo, colour, tone of voice and typeface? All of these elements put together are known as brand standards or guidelines that should be created for any brand, to ensure whoever is posting about, designing for or representing the brand, can remain consistent.  A […]