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Five principles of brand management

In today’s competitive world, effective brand management can be the key to success or failure. So how can you put in place a strong process to get it right? 1. Have clear brand guidelines in place Clear brand guidelines are essential to creating a consistent, strong brand and an agency that specialises in brand management […]

Micro-influencer marketing becoming mainstream – why?

The rise of social media platforms has helped marketing experts to refine their understanding of how to effectively target audiences and communicate core brand messaging in ways consumers are most receptive to. Social media has also provided a space for online influencers to grow an engaged audience, which can be hugely valuable to businesses aiming […]

How can you keep your social feeds from growing stale?

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As many of your potential customers reach information overload every day it can get harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. A stale feed will soon lose their attention and they will scroll past to your competitors. These days a strong social media presence requires a lot more than simply posting regularly and […]

Brand positioning on social media: Do’s and don’ts

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The essential principle of brand positioning is to determine your brand’s place in the market and then firmly carve your niche there so that when customers think of the desirable traits your brand exemplifies, your brand comes to mind before all others. Various strategic threads interweave to achieve this including competition, pricing, distribution, packaging and, […]

Back to Working from Home in Lockdown 2.0

As England heads into a second lockdown, it’s absolutely essential that your business has a strong presence online and you’re using social media. Social Media has proven its credibility as a leading marketing resource throughout 2020. Let’s explore your options. TikTok is accessible for brands with the use of not just one avenue but three: […]

‘Go digital’ is no longer a buzzword – it is a necessity!

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As technology becomes an increasingly more intrinsic part of our daily lives, businesses aiming to drive continued success need to adopt a digital focused approach in order to remain competitive. To illustrate the unpredictability and changeable nature of global marketplaces, we only need to look at how the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused disruption across […]

Build your brand online with Blue Social

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If you’re a business in any kind of consumer market – B2C, B2B, non-profit or profit-making – it’s vital to have a digital presence. A digital marketing agency can help you to maximise your online activity and get the best possible return for your time and resource investment. As one of the leading brand management companies […]

Back to Work after Lockdown

Come and meet our amazing team to find out what they have to say about coming back to work after lockdown.  Most people feel apprehensive about going back to the office as your workplace will no longer be seen as ‘normal’. Your workplace must carry out a risk assessment before you return, so may have […]

Instagram vs. Facebook

Instagram has over 1 billion active users. Impressive, but it is still dwarfed by it’s parent business, Facebook with over 2.7 billion active users. It’s clear from these figures that these platforms are incredibly powerful and have a lot of opportunities for your brand to engage with potential customers. In sheer numbers, Facebook comes out […]