Brand positioning on social media: Do’s and don’ts

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The essential principle of brand positioning is to determine your brand’s place in the market and then firmly carve your niche there so that when customers think of the desirable traits your brand exemplifies, your brand comes to mind before all others. Various strategic threads interweave to achieve this including competition, pricing, distribution, packaging and, most of all, marketing. As a leading digital branding agency in London we can guide you expertly through this process, so here are a few do’s and don’ts to start you off.

Do establish your existing position in the market

By determining how your brand is currently positioning itself you can decide what parts to retain and what to change. You might find you are closer to where you want to be than you thought.

Don’t confuse your brand promise with slating the competition

Your ‘brand promise’ is the compelling reason a customer should choose you over the competition but crucially this statement is about what you do exceptionally not what your competitors are failing at. No matter how tempting it is to point these failures out. Rise above and own what you do best.

Do speak confidently and clearly with your brand positioning

Advertising is literally everywhere in this age. Customers are bombarded and overwhelmed so they are deeply refreshed when a brand is easy to understand. In a world of advertising noise clear and direct voice for your brand will make customers gravitate towards it. By making your brand positioning speak clearly to your target customers you will cut through the chatter that surrounds them.

Don’t forget your tagline

After you have worked with your internal operations, marketing team and digital branding agency to develop a focused and integrated digital branding strategy to effectively communicate your story to your audience don’t forget to extend those insights into a powerful tagline. Taglines are short, easily memorable and further cement your brand position in your customer’s mind.

Do position your brand based on your value, not your price

Brand positioning by our digital branding agency in London, a city which has set the value of commodities for centuries, can significantly capitalise the value of what your brand uniquely adds to a customer’s experience without devaluing your margins. Position your value correctly and you’ll never have to compete based on price alone.

Don’t create a brand promise you can’t deliver

A key part of your brand positioning statement is your brand promise. It is the one thing, either emotionally or rationally, that your brand can deliver over and above your competition. So be very sure you can deliver on that promise before you make it and make sure you can supply your customers with a compelling reason to believe you can.

Blue Social, experienced digital branding agency in London, can focus your position

Ultimately your customer will decide the position your brand occupies in their mind because every person is unique, but a strategically-focussed brand positioning campaign, driven by our experience, will communicate your story in a way that makes you so memorable to them there won’t be room for the competition.

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