Back to Working from Home in Lockdown 2.0

As England heads into a second lockdown, it’s absolutely essential that your business has a strong presence online and you’re using social media.

Social Media has proven its credibility as a leading marketing resource throughout 2020. Let’s explore your options.

TikTok is accessible for brands with the use of not just one avenue but three: organic, paid and creator content. The app is home to plenty of valuable opportunities for businesses and content creators. Also, TikTok is the latest place to build a forceful brand personality and reach an extensive audience. 

Have you heard of the hashtag challenge? You can piggyback on existing trends to showcase your product by having some fun with video demos. 

Live streaming felt like the lockdown trend that every brand was tuning into. Live social allows you to experience the brand, in that moment without leaving the house. It gives your audience something to connect with, breeding brand engagement and loyalty.  

When your audience is  watching live, they can virtually ask questions and leave comments that can be answered in real time. Live streams are a great way of making Social Media a little more social! They allow for two-way communication between brand and consumer in a way that other elements of Social Media don’t. 

The pandemic has forced brands to think differently about marketing. Digital has eclipsed traditional media with the hugely reduced footfall on the street. Social Media needs to be at the forefront of all business communication..  

As people have been stuck inside, with nowhere to go but onto their phones, that’s where your brand needs to be. Bring your audience together with new ways to communicate through groups, direct messages, online chats, live streams or video or static content. 

Being unpredictable seems to be the ‘new normal’ so why not get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to get your campaign started.

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