Social Media Platforms – The New Norm for Businesses Globally

In addition to keeping in contact with friends and family, increasing numbers of people across the globe are routinely using social media platforms rather than social media community management services to connect with their favourite businesses. Devising and implementing a solid social media strategy has therefore been important for businesses looking to gain marketplace traction and generate new leads for some time. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has seen this become more important than ever before for businesses operating across a range of industries on a global level.

The Impact of COVID-19

Over the last few months, the ways in which businesses operate and communicate with their customers have changed. Amid store closures, consumers turned to the online space to locate the products and services they are looking for in unprecedented numbers. Some businesses have been overwhelmed by an upsurge in traffic and digital communications, while others have struggled to compete and claim their share of the increased market.

This challenging situation has resulted in many businesses re-thinking their digital strategy, with teams evaluating the effectiveness of their approach to social media. This is both valuable and important because the ways in which businesses operate in the future are expected to look markedly different from their pre-pandemic form. Those businesses which have struggled during the initial phases of lockdown must now devise ways to maximise their sales and revenue as more research and transactions are conducted online.

The Diversification of Social Media Streams

As lockdown measures took hold globally, we began to see a far more unfiltered side to many brands as teams were forced to create content from home. This level of authenticity has been well received by audiences, many of whom have turned to innovative social platforms themselves during this period of uncertainty. In March 2020 alone, TikTok was downloaded in excess of 115 million times and short-form video is set to become a much bigger component of a strong social strategy, particularly for businesses looking to increase their reach in the months and years ahead.

Centred authenticity is nothing new, but the increased level of compassion and consideration that has emerged from the pandemic is helping brands to create an enhanced sense of community. The social element of social media will become more prevalent, with consumer feedback and conversation becoming a priority for many businesses moving forward.

The Importance of Social Media Community Management Services

As more people are becoming comfortable interacting with the online space, our collective reliance on technology is set to increase. Businesses will, therefore, need to continue to lean into their digital strategies and as more brands begin to realise the true potential of the social space, it is likely that social media content will become still more creative. Social media community management services have the ability to help businesses like yours, to maximise the potential of your social streams, ensuring your brand is posting and sharing the content your audience wants and expects.

Importantly, as leveraging the social space is an affordable option for most businesses, the playing field in a myriad sectors and industries looks far more levelled than ever before. With increased opportunities for small businesses to compete with industry giants to increase their leads, conversions and revenue streams.

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