The Importance of a Brand Identity

How does your audience recognise your brand? Are you consistent in name, logo, colour, tone of voice and typeface? All of these elements put together are known as brand standards or guidelines that should be created for any brand, to ensure whoever is posting about, designing for or representing the brand, can remain consistent. 

A strong brand identity helps to keep your business in the mind of your potential customers. If a customer’s happy with your products or services, that solid brand identity helps to build your customer loyalty across the business.

A logo is crucial. It’s the backbone to your business and what everyone will see if it’s added to any sort of marketing or advertisement. Make your logo distinctive, clear and interesting, but bear in mind it should be simple enough to be reproduced across multiple media.


What are the real benefits of creating a Brand Identity?

  • It makes your business more recognisable 
  • It enhances your brand
  • It creates an identity that can be replicated by anyone working for/on your brand
  • It helps build familiarity and trust; something every audience wants


It’s been said that,

 “A clearly defined brand identity is like a North Star: It guides you in making a variety of important decisions that create a consistent company experience for customers, employees and key stakeholders alike.”

Customers prefer quality over quantity. As so many brands are trying to get their audience’s attention, you need to ensure you can provide them with great quality photos and videos.

Once your identity is in place, you can utilise the powerful tool of social media. If a customer’s happy with your products or services, a solid brand identity will help to build a loyal customer base, as people like to be associated with brands they like the look of. 

If you don’t know what your own company stands for, how will potential customers know?

We want your audience to fall head over heels for your brand. Our unique approach to strategic branding will shape an appealing and unforgettable identity for your business that is solely based on your values, ethos and personality. A strong brand identity can communicate your business’ personality and can mold your audience’s perceptions of who you are. 

 Find your voice and develop your visual identity. Stand out from the crowd and succeed in a  world of visuals with Blue Social.

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