Improve Brand Awareness with Bespoke Social Media Marketing Strategies

Investing in a strong social media marketing strategy is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. From strengthening your brand identity to channelling additional streams of high-quality and highly convertible traffic towards your website, when used in the correct ways, your social platforms have the potential to work extremely hard for your business.

Creating a powerful social strategy is far from simple, which is why partnering with a knowledgeable social media content agency in London can help you to hone your approach and ensure that your social channels are consistently working to best effect.

The Benefits of Implementing Data-Driven Bespoke Social Strategies

Bespoke social strategies can drive the most beneficial results for your business because key decisions are made with your unique needs and audience in mind. You will need to look at all the data and metrics available to you to understand your audience, identify where they spend the majority of their time online, and devise communication that they will find engaging and appealing.

Maintaining a presence on multiple social platforms will deliver the best results for most businesses, however, it is important to understand where to focus your attention in order to connect with potential buyers. For businesses wanting to increase their brand awareness, it is important to consider potential audience reach in determining which platforms to invest both time and resources in.

There are a number of other important considerations in determining focus. You will need to carefully weigh up the demographic of platform users, targeting options, cost, and the potential for generating leads.

Understanding your Audience and Considering their Motivations

Your bespoke social strategy will be designed to benefit your brand but much of doing that successfully involves considering the needs, desires and preferences of your audience. Remember, posting the wrong things can alienate consumers and deter them from engaging with your brand further.

It is also important to think about why your audience wants to connect with you on social media. Around 50% of consumers actively follow companies on social media to keep up to date with new services or product releases. 48% of consumers follow businesses because they want to be entertained, and 36% of consumers follow because they want to be inspired.

This is precisely why striking the perfect balance between aspirational, entertaining and informative content is so imperative, and to do this effectively, you need to know what your audience want from you.

It is critical to align your social media objectives with your overall business goals in order to drive the best value from your investment. A comprehensive understanding of your audience is required to successfully improve awareness of your brand and to ensure your content is appealing and valuable to the right people. Professional advice can be invaluable in short-circuiting the assimilation of this knowledge.

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