Why Does Moderation Matter?

Below, we’ll look at the importance of Social Media Moderation for brands.

How would you come across if any time someone asked you a question or complemented you simply ignored them? You’d come across at best rude, at worst, offensive. That person isn’t coming back to ask your help again. 

It’s the same on Social Media, if you don’t engage with your audience, you risk losing them! 

Unanswered questions are a major failing online – they make customers and clients feel unimportant, and can turn an opportunity for positive interaction into a negative reflection of your business. Negative user experience equals fewer sales.

As important as it is to interact with positive engagement, it’s crucial to address negative comments. A moderator’s primary role is to ensure that your social channels are viewed by your audience as a positive, informative environment where they are comfortable to engage with your brand and other members of your community.

If rude and hateful comments towards either your brand or other members of your audience aren’t dealt with, it can have a serious knock-on effect to how your brand is perceived. 

Negative comments and reviews can lead to real-world lost revenue, but if addressed quickly, efficiently and with your brand voice, even negative comments can show your brand in a positive light. Sometimes things go wrong; if your customers have confidence that you will deal with any problems, they may have even more confidence. 

Effective moderation can provide you as a brand with a great picture of what your audience thinks about you and your services. This insight is invaluable in identifying areas for improvement and expansion.

The Blue Social Team, possesses the skills, knowledge and practical expertise to help your brand leverage the full potential of your social presence. 

Since July 2019 we have been the official Social Media Moderation agency for the NHS and are now offering an emergency Moderation package for businesses struggling with an influx of comments and enquiries following the Coronavirus outbreak. We’ll ensure that every question is answered and that your channels remain clean and engaged during this challenging time.  

Blue Social’s key focus is to develop, nurture and maintain strong relationships between your brand and your audience.

Get in touch today if our Moderation package could  benefit you and your business. Call 0203 598 4758 or email [email protected] 

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