Social media and stress in a Pandemic

In aid of Stress Awareness Month in this blog post we’re exploring the question, can social media use really reduce stress in a pandemic?

A study last year published that someone who uses a social networking site is 1.63 times more likely to avoid serious psychological distress.

Social media can be a way to connect with your friends and family, make plans or hear about events. At the same time, due to the difficult circumstances social media is currently overwhelming us with news and information.

 If we can’t go out, it’s still nice to feel a sense of social connection and sharing of experiences through seeing updates of your relatives, sharing your own updates and making plans to video call. Good mental health is something we all need, just like we all need good physical health.

It’s very easy to compare lives to other people and get stressed out, but we have to minimise these negative effects of social media and put plans into action. When we go through a tough time alone, a lack of emotional support can increase anxiety and our coping ability so staying connected really helps.

Note to self: What you see in someone’s highlight reel doesn’t resemble an honest picture of their daily life.

There are many steps we can take to help us have enjoyable experiences when using social media, but by simply using it in more of a positive way it will change your outlook completely. Ensure you are thoughtful and mindful of your use, look for those funny memes or inspirational quotes to help ease your stress. Plan skype meetings or just general calls, to show you’re not alone in all this; everyone’s going through it just like you.

A study last year, discovered that using social media and the internet regularly could improve mental health among adults and help fend off serious psychological distress, such as depression and anxiety.

Use this month to take control of your stress and set goals to tackle them one day at a time.

Stay in touch, stay safe, stay at home.

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