Top Content Marketing Trends To Deal With The Coronavirus Chaos

In uncertain times, partnering with a social media content agency in London can ensure your digital strategy is pitched to drive business security.

We are living through uncertain times and businesses are making alterations to their short-term media strategies. If you feel as though you are standing at a crossroads, here are a few ways you could choose to alter or adapt your digital strategy to meet the unprecedented needs of new circumstances.

Immersive Video Content

Video content has taken precedent for many digital-forward brands for some time, however as more businesses shift from offline media into the online space, flexible channels including social media, display ads, and online video will see increased activity over the coming weeks and months.

With more people working remotely from home, we will see new types of online behavior. Consumers will now be online at different times of the day, and businesses that adapt to these changes will be the ones to succeed. From webinars to video blogs, product demonstrations, and tutorials, video is a highly versatile medium that can be used by businesses in myriad creative ways.

Interactive Content

Interactive content actively gives your audience reason and opportunity to connect directly with your brand. AR, VR and 360-degree video are all prime examples of engaging interactive content, however, you don’t need a large budget or access to an endless stream of equipment to effectively capture attention and encourage interaction.

Polls, shoppable posts, and quizzes are all excellent ways to boost engagement and nurture your community, largely because this content is inherently shareable. Many forms of interactive content are ideally suited to social platforms, investing focus and time in this area will help you to drive brand recognition and increase your reach because more consumers are spending more time scrolling their content consistently throughout the day.

Personalized Dynamic Content

People are looking for meaningful connections, arguably now more than ever before. From battling loneliness to fending off anxiety, demonstrating to your audience that you care about their well being is imperative.

Collectively, we are living through an unexpected and uncertain time that has, in many ways, levelled the playing field and created new ways to connect in meaningful ways that have the potential to last long after the pandemic has ended. Now is an ideal opportunity to, with the help of a social media content agency in London, create personalised content that will resonate on an emotional level with your ideal audience.

Content Tailored To Voice Search

The numbers of voice searches conducted every day has been steadily increasing for several years. Creating content tailored to voice search by utilising natural language longtail keywords and conversational meta descriptions will help you to leverage the numerous people utilising voice searches making new connections and further increase your reach.

No one can be certain of what lies ahead, but we know one thing to be true: we’re all looking to connect.

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