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If you are a social media marketing agency in London, Manchester, Leeds or Edinburgh, you will most certainly understand what is meant by the term fast-paced information age!

In the World of Online Business, Keeping Ahead of the Game Is Crucial

It is a real art form to be able to tune into how people are thinking and feeling, particularly your customers. It is essential that as writers, content creators are able to tap into the moods of your actual customers and are also able to attract new customers with the right message, at the right time in the right place, so that they are attracted to your business and, more importantly, click on the links you want them to.

Creating Quality Content Is a Skill in Itself

When writing content, the creator has to think about the audience above all else. They not only have to give out interesting, factual, up-to-the-minute information, they also have to anticipate what the viewer may do next.

Your Content Writer Needs to Know Your Market

It is not enough to simply be a writer: a content creator needs to know your business, understand your brand and ‘speak’ to your customers. The knack, however, is to be able to attract your potential customers in a subtle and gentle way. A content writer is essentially giving information away for free in order to attract people to your brand.

They also use clever tricks, such as:

1)      ‘Newsjacking’ the content. Yes, as shameful as it sounds, news items can be copied and made yours, so long as they are re-written in your own words. There’s no law against it, and it shows that you can keep up to date with current affairs.
2)      Use statistics and facts. People want to know when they read an article that it is true, and using real facts from reputable sources will achieve this.
3)      Use user-generated content if you have a forum, as this shows how much you care and listen to your customers.
4)      Refer to social media chatter for ideas; look at Twitter to see what’s trending and use this to inform your content.
5)      Re-write some of your old content with an updated edge – a new slant or twist. If you know, for example, that your customers loved a particular article, re-visit it with more up to date and relevant facts from today.
6)      Use anniversaries and events on the calendar to push your content. These are the things that we can all relate to and all have in common.

Above all, always do your research, stay ahead of your market, your competitors and your customers and continue to work hard on making your articles engaging, interesting and fun to read!

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