Community Management is make or Break for Social Media

social media campaign management

It is easy to look at the latest social campaigns that are causing a buzz in the digital sphere and think about the creative possibilities for your next big launch. In fact, this is often where some of the most impactful strategic innovation takes place. It is crucial to remember, however, that behind even the most ground-breaking new campaigns sits a solid community management plan contributing heavily to the overall success of the campaign.

If you are looking to enhance your approach to social media campaign management this year and beyond, here are 4 things to think about.

The Relatability Factor

Although brands are not people, people often use social media to interact and connect with others. Maintaining a level of professionalism is important, however you should focus on identifying ways to convey your brand’s unique personality because this will help your audience to connect with you in more meaningful ways.

Engaging in conversations with your audience can certainly be time-consuming, however investment in this area will allow your audience to trust that there is a person behind your social accounts who values their input and is actively listening to comments and feedback.

Reward your Audience

Liking enthusiastic feedback from your audience plays a key part in demonstrating that you value their opinions, but there are many other ways to thank people for their support. From replying to comments with a relevant GIF to offering discount codes or free samples, whatever your budget, there are meaningful ways in which you can show your audience that you value them as much as they value your brand.

Be Transparent

All companies are going to receive a mix of positive and negative comments, but how you choose to handle them will make all the difference to how your audience perceives your brand.

Acknowledging criticism and taking steps to address situations will help you to build trust and actively demonstrate that you genuinely care about the experiences of your customers. This will also prove to prospective followers and customers that if they were to run into any issues, you would take steps to resolve the situation and endeavour to deliver the best possible experience every single time.

Proactive Engagement

Social spheres are noisy and it is no longer enough to publish content and wait for engagement from your audience. Taking proactive steps to join conversations will enhance your engagement metrics and demonstrate to your community that you are there for whatever they need, whether that’s help, advice, or just someone to have a friendly chat with.

Creating and sharing excellent content is how many brands make themselves stand out online, particularly in busy social feeds where the ability to immediately capture attention is critical. Ultimately, however, brands also need to implement sound community management to build and retain an engaged audience, maintain a positive reputation, and identify new avenues and future opportunities.

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