Hire a Brand and Marketing Consultant to Boost Your Business

brand management consulting in London

If you’re a business that operates within a competitive marketplace, your brand will be one of the most important assets that you possess. And by hiring a brand and marketing consultant, you can take your brand to the next level. When it comes to brand management consulting in London, there are various professionals working on a flexible basis who can assist your brand, working as consultants or freelancers as well as permanent in-house employees.

Why Is Your Business Brand So Important?

Whenever a competitive situation exists within a marketplace, customers identify with brands to understand the values of a company and its offer. Your business brand tells a customer who you are and what you stand for. Your brand tells a customer what your product or service is, gives a sense of your price point and tells them what sort of experience they will receive from you. Think of the world’s biggest brands – or the brands that you like to buy from – and you can instantly and intuitively understand the power of these concepts.

What Will Your Brand Consultant Do?

Your consultant will work to:

– Understand your brand and its strength within your target audience
– Define your target audience and create customer personas
– Identify brand development opportunities to strengthen your position within the marketplace
– Carry out research into your brand’s position in relation to your competitors
– Develop your branded marketing assets
– Build your customer following with social media activity, website development, PR, online advertising and other channel development activities
– Create content and marketing materials that strengthen and grow your brand
– Carry our brand assessment and measurement activities to evaluate its strength

The actual responsibilities of your brand and marketing consultant will depend on the role that you are advertising and your needs. For example, a small start-up with a new brand to launch will need a different type of role than a large blue chip with a powerful existing brand and the need to develop new marketing assets within its brand family.

Where Will You Find the Right Person?

When it comes to brand management consulting, there are plenty of excellent candidates available in the marketplace. A specialist recruiter can help you to find the right person for your business, according to your industry, market position, objectives, role availability and budget. Many of these roles can be delivered on a flexible basis, such as a contract position for a new brand launch or a campaign. The investment may feel like a challenging one initially to a business that hasn’t recruited for this type of position before – especially an SME with a limited budget for staffing – but a good marketing consultant is worth his or her weight in gold. The value of the role can also be easily measured in terms of brand-building outcomes and ultimate conversions.

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