The Main Components of a Social Content Strategy

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Businesses have been using a variety of social media channels to promote and advertise their products and services for some time now. However, without a focused strategy, your campaigns may not connect with an audience, may miss the target market and could fail to deliver results.

There are several integral components of a successful social content strategy which, when used in conjunction, enable you to maintain a strong, optimised presence across relevant social media channels, drive convertible traffic to a business website and deliver tangible results.

Building a strong and recognisable brand

In a highly competitive digital market, it is vital that your company has a recognisable brand. Attention must be captured within milliseconds, so for a business to be successful on social media, it must have a carefully crafted brand identity with both an authentic voice and visual appeal to attract and captivate the audience and differentiate itself from competitors.

Creating high quality and engaging content

Once your brand identity has caught the attention of your audience, engaging social media content is the key to communicating successfully with the target market so that they feel connected with your brand. We take a holistic approach to social content and are experienced in combining sharp, relevant and impactful copy with memorable brand moments. Content created for social media should also be designed to compel social media users to share, spreading your brand message effectively.

Communicating with your audience

To maintain a relationship of trust with your audience, a strong social strategy must involve successful communication. Social content must be consistent and deliver finely-tuned messages in your individual and unique brand voice. Every single social channel and avenue of communication should be effectively utilised to create significant and meaningful interactions with your audience.

Social media monitoring and data analysis

High-quality content on social media should be shareable. Once created and visible on social media channels, data monitoring can enable a business to track several key aspects. The ability to trace how any post has been shared, where and by whom as well as the interaction with the post is indispensable. This will determine how successful the post was, allowing better planning for future campaigns.

Social media data monitoring can also help to reduce any impact from spoof accounts. By identifying patterns of communication, data monitoring can allow attention to be focused on genuine interactions for data analysis, thereby providing more accurate information as to precisely how users are responding to and interacting with your campaigns.

We know from years of experience that a strong social content strategy requires an holistic approach. Using a creative approach to build identity and appeal to your target audience, we integrate innovative and high-quality content with targeted ads and strong in-depth data analysis to allow for strategic planning and successful future campaigns.

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